Housing 4 Women

Housing for Women is a specialist social Landlord providing secure and safe homes to women and their children across London. Their work enables women to develop their skills and confidence and live independently in the community.Housing for Women is committed to playing an active role in promoting equality and challenging discrimination in all its forms. They will work with partners, staff and residents to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally and to promote a culture of tolerance and respect in workplaces and local communities.

Combatting violence against women remains a strong focus for H4W and over the years they have developed this provision through the establishment of refuges and support services for particular groups of women.

H4W opened their first hostel in Primrose Hill in 1937 and in 1999 saw their first domestic violence refuge open in London. Presently they manage a total of 881 properties.

In 2016 our experience of working with vulnerable residents and specialist social housing landlords gave us the edge over our competitors and we were awarded a 3 year contract to maintain H4W’s gas central heating and hot water systems.

We offer a secure and confidential service backed up by enhanced DBS checks for all customer-facing staff and workshops relating to the specific requirements of the contract.