Service & Maintenance

As a social housing service provider, we know you need a reliable engineering business that provides solutions safely and efficiently.Our directly employed engineering team are supported by experienced contract managers, site supervisors, resident liaison officers and back-office administrators. We operate a robust in-house training programme which has seen the development of a number individuals becoming first class engineers having been trained to our high standards.

All our contracts operate within industry-standard KPIs and we continuously achieve 100% compliancy for Landlords Gas Safety Record (LGSR).

Our approach is to look at our clients’ long term costing models and provide solutions to meet their demands. We provide this through an integrated IT system that manages the whole process, keeping clients up to date with regular performance reports. In practice this offers a continuous improvement approach, maximising the simple process of

“Sending the right engineer to the property at the right time, completing the job right first time”.

What you can expect

  • 100% compliancy with tailored lettering process
  • Over 90% first access rates achieved
  • Directly employed staff with an average of 9 years employment
  • Suite of KPIs and Report Monitoring
  • Managing daily appointments with an integrated approach
  • Dynamic scheduling software
  • Rigorous quality control checks with over 97% customer satisfaction