The existing gas installation was a pipe-in-pipe system using TracPipe® which is sleeved between the meter position and the AECV within each dwelling. The system had been operational for around 19 months, but a number of external gas leaks were reported and detected within the pipes. These were attributed to flux contamination of the internal services of both the TracPipe® and the transition fittings at the meter positions, causing premature failure of the TracPipe®.

The site has 37 gas meters in total, situated within the garden area at the front of the building. The gas installation pipework between the meters and the AECV in each dwelling is between 28mm and 50mm diameter, within a soft dig area.

On exposing all the pipe work clear routes were determined with adequate inspection chambers to accommodate the new connections. Systematically we organised access to each dwelling and laying of all new pipework with timely cross overs. The pipes were sufficiently labelled to each property for ease of future maintenance.

The site was in a high traffic public area with the constant flow of care workers assisting numerous vulnerable residents which made it important to maintain a good level of security and safe guarding. The works area was sectioned by clear fencing. Engineers transferred waste material via clear routes and only when one section had been backfilled did we move on to the next area of the dig.

Six inspection chambers were constructed to house the connections, one of which was designed to house 20 connections.

The excavated area was then reinstated with a soft sand base, pipe identification and MOT Type ‘A’ levelling material for new paved area. This newly paved area ensures safety and easier access to the gas meters for any future maintenance, reading and topping up of credit.

On solution

  • High level supervision and risk management from works being carried out in public area
  • 50% of the properties were of Supported Housing Residents
  • Logistical planning of access arrangements
  • Safe movement and responsible disposal of contaminated waste


  • Sound new gas network tested and certified with detailed drawing plan
  • Improved access for planned and reactive maintenance
  • Resident peace of mind and confidence in new gas supplies



CLIENT: Paradigm Housing

PROJECT: TracPipe® replacement Honeycroft Hill House, Uxbridge

VALUE: £42,000

PERIOD: April – May 2017