Georgefield House is a General Needs Residential Housing Block managed by L&Q Group and is situated in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. The property has 20 individual dwellings each served by a domestic gas supply from meters within an underground gas meter compartment.

A proportion of pipes had signs of advanced corrosion requiring urgent replacement. The client provided a works instruction for the replacement of 12 gas pipes. The challenge was accessing the corroded pipes as they were situated behind other gas supplies that were not affected.

A detailed plan was drawn up to ensure minimum disruption for the residents during the replacement period. This was achieved by adopting a phased approach relating to occupancy type, usage of supplies, i.e. hot water type and cooking facilities per dwelling.

8x flats were completed within a working day while the other 4x within 36 hours.

On solution

  • 12x urgent gas supply conversions
  • Planned programme of works
  • Minimum disruption


  • Hazard removed
  • Long lasting pipe work
  • Greater organisation for future maintenance




VALUE: £42,000

PERIOD: September 2016